We use electric car as it is eco-friendly, reduces pollutionin the environment. Electric car are best for autonomus driving and steer control. Also more importantly we run our vehicles in tunnels where the traffic will be less, also in such a closed environment if we use normal vehicle there is scope for emissions, using an electric vehicle helps us to over come this. There has been an Advancement in the battery technology which we will be making use of


We are building 2 vehicles one for private transit and the other for mass transit.


This is modified version of Mahindra e20 with Drive By Wire hardware. Loopway collaborated with ARAI ( Automotive Research Association of India ) for developing Drive By Wire hardware. The vehicles are used for Private Transit System where it runs in manual mode outside and fully autonomous in tunnels. Currently we implemented the cruise control for the vehicle (update has been shared on linkedin too, follow for updates) we are working on the streeing angle and make it more accurate.


Badger is Electric Pod which carry upto 10 passengers. The Vehicle is fully Autonomous L4 Capable with out Steering wheel, Brakes or Accelerator. It is complete Drive-By-Wire integrated with Lidars, Cameras and Ultrasonic Sensors for complete Autonomous. It is capable of Self Driving in Tunnels with out driver and used for Mass Transit system similar to Metro Coaches.

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